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Our Mission

Our mission is to bring a warm, inviting feeling to any home by providing highly fragranced candles and tarts hand-crafted with superior ingredients. 


About Fisher Creek Candles

We here at Fisher Creek Candles pride ourselves on the quality and uniqueness of our candles and tarts. Each one starts with premium natural paraffin wax. This supreme wax gives our candles a high scent throw even when not lit, as well as a complete and smokeless burn. Our wicks are a specially braided flat cotton wick, which is made to maintain a slight curl when burning. This helps to minimize carbon build up (soot), reduce smoking, and provide a very stable and consistent flame. These wicks are also lead and zinc free. Since the main purpose of a candle is to provide an amazing fragrance, the oils that are used are of utmost importance to us. For this reason we use superior fragrance oils, most of which contain essential oils. We never dilute them down and because of this they maintain a strong fragrance throughout the life of the candle or tart. All of these components mixed with our years of candle-making experience create a sensational candle.


What makes Fisher Creek Candles superior:

  • Cleaning burning. To ensure this is the result that you get, we recommend that prior to lighting your candle each time you trim the wick to ¼ inch.

  • Burn completely. No wax will be left along the edges of the jar.

  • Strong, long-lasting fragrance. The fragrance will fill your space and will last the entire for the entire candle's life.

  • Long burn time. Our largest candle has a burn time of over 120 hours! That beats the large candle companies by over 20 hours. Even the fragrance in our tarts lasts longer than most of our larger competitors.



Retail Locations that offer our candles:

We currently have one business that carries our candles. We encourage you to visit this shop and experience their unique shopping experiences for yourself!

 Girl Upcycled

126 C Muskingum Ave, Zanesville, OH 43701


If you are interested in selling our candles in your business please contact us via email at info@fishercreekcandles.com


Meet Sarah, the owner of Fisher Creek Candles.


Hi. I'm Sarah, owner/candle-maker of Fisher Creek Candles. I'm often asked where this candle-making journey all started, so I thought I'd tell you a little about myself and where I come from. I grew up on a beef cattle farm and have always loved nature and the wonderful fragrances that come with it. I spent a great deal of time outside enjoying all that nature had to offer when I was growing up. After high school, I went to college and became an Registered Nurse. I then married my high-school sweetheart. Working as an RN was stressful and I felt that I needed a way to relax. Since I loved candles, I ordered a candle-making kit off of the internet and fell in love with it. I loved turning something so plain and ordinary as a hunk of wax into something that could make someone smile. It originally was a hobby. I made gifts for family and friends and they loved them. My husband and I started our family and after the birth of our second child, I left my career and became a stay-at-home mother. That is when the candle-making really took off. I wanted a better candle, made of quality ingredients that did not cost a fortune. I spent 2 years researching different waxes, fragrance oils, wicks, and candle-making methods. When I finally came up with the combination that I currently use, my friends and family started raving about the candles. They asked me to make candles for them to use all the time and to give as gifts. In 2012 I started a shop on Etsy and a short 6 months later outgrew that. I then started Fisher Creek Candles' website. It still amazes me to this day the reach that my candles have had. They have been shipped all over the United States and Internationally. All the candles and tarts are still made in my home and all by me, even with my three children running around. Quality is still one of my main priorities when I make my candles. Every candle and tart must meet my strict guidelines or it doesn't leave my house. I will not make a candle that I would not buy myself. Thank you for supporting Fisher Creek Candles!