New Year, New Website!


As we start this New Year, we have decided to go back to a more handmade style for our products. We are after all a Handmade Candle Company and we are very proud of that! We often get people asking where are candles are actually made, which country they come from, etc? In our previous blog posts, we have shared with you not only how our candles are made, but pictures of our candles actually being made in Sarah's kitchen. It doesn't get any more handmade than this.

So we decided to first start with our website. We wanted to make it more user friendly, easier to navigate, and give it more of a "Crafting" feel. In order to do this, we listened to our customers, what they order and what they tell us about their favorite Fragrances. We narrowed our Fragrance List to the Top 50 Fragrances from our previously offered selection. And we decided to offer 1-2 Seasonal Fragrances each month as well. We then updated our website with a more welcoming theme, which is what you see today when you look at our site.

Next we decided to update the labels on our candles. We decided to go with a brown kraft label with minimal wording. It just makes our candles look more handmade without taking away from the appearance of the actual candle.

Please take a look around our website and leave a question or a comment below! We LOVE to hear from you! We appreciate all of the support that you have shown us through this last year and we look forward to continuing to bring you the finest in Handmade Candles!

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