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You can't buy love, but you can buy handmade and that's kind of the same thing.


I've really been struggling with what to write in my next blog post, especially since it has been a couple of (busy) months since I've done one. I love to answer questions that I get from my customers because usually if one person asks it then others are thinking it. There is one question that I get at least once a week about my candles and that is "Where are they made?". I usually reply "I make them myself". And often I get a surprised look and a "Wow! I thought this was a big company that you just sold for!". I love hearing this from people! It lets me know that I'm doing a good job and my candles can compete with the "best". So I though that I would give you a peek into my candle making...


This is "Handmade"

The word "handmade" can sometimes be taken in a bad way. Some people think that it means cheap, poorly made, or inexpensive. But it usually means quite the opposite. Making, buying, or giving a handmade gift is something very special, even if you did not make it yourself. It takes a lot of time, patience, practice, and, most of all, love to make something by hand. This is very true with my candles. I literally have spent over 10 years working with candles and candle-making. I never let something leave to go to a customer unless I feel that it is perfect and something that I would be happy purchasing myself. The picture above is my actual hands. Every single candle and tart that is purchased from me is made with these hands. Each one is hand-poured by me. This takes time, but I feel that it is worth it, especially when I create a candle that someone is very happy with. 


This is my "Big" company

This is my actual stove in my real kitchen. Not only do I make all of my candles and tarts here, but I also make all of my family's meals here (just not at the same time). These are the only "machines" that are used in my candle-making process and they are my gas stove, digital scale, and digital thermometer. In my opinion there is no machine out there that can produce the same kind of quality candle that a human can produce. My thermometer can tell me the temperature of the melting wax, but it can not tell me if a fragrance smells good or if it is strong enough. That is where a human being must come into play.


But, please, do not let the size of my "Big" company worry or scare you away from my candles. Even with only one four-burner stove I am a force to be reckoned with. I can make over 150 candles a day and I often make candle seven days a week. Not only do I sell my candles through this website, but I also sell candle through consignment at several local locations and I have Independent Candle Consultants as well that sell for me. While I am the only Owner/Operator of Fisher Creek Candles I make a ton of candles and tarts every week.


Everything is done by hand

There are easier ways to make a candle. But, as with a lot of things in life, taking your time and doing things by hand is often the best way. Where I live in Ohio, Amish made furniture is highly desired and most of it is made just an hour away. I have several pieces of Amish made furniture in my home and I bought it directly from the Amish furniture maker. Some people might ask "Why?". The answer is simple. It is just made better that anything I can get from the run of the mill furniture store. And I have found that dealing directly with the Amish furniture maker, I can get it usually cheaper than I could if I bought the same type of furniture made in a factory. When I tell people this they are amazed. Why is a product that is made so much better than the competitions products cheaper? Again, this is an easy answer and one that I now get myself. The handmade companies are not out to make a large profit off of their customers. They simply love what they do and are proud to offer their products at a fair price. 


This is my "workshop"

This is part of my "workshop". It also doubles as our dining room occasionally. As I said earlier, I love when people think that my candles come from a "Big" company. Since this is my full-time job and I work very hard at it, I strive to be as professional as I can. All of the pictures for my catalog and most of the pictures for my website are all professionally taken by a local photographer. My catalog and labels are all done by a local printing company. I take candle-making very seriously and I truly do love it. 


How my candles are different

When I started making candles 10 years ago, I wanted a candle that I could not get anywhere else. I wanted a highly fragrant candle that lasted a long time and did not cost an arm and a leg. I could not find that anywhere, so it became my mission to create one. It took a lot of time and money, but I've finally perfected my candles. And over 2 years ago I began to sell them, first to family and friends then on Etsy and now on this website. My unique mixture of wax creates a candle that is slow burning, long lasting, and very fragrant. I have been told by a frequent customer that just two cubes of my tarts can make her whole 3,000 sq. ft. home smell amazing and for quite a long time. 


I hope that I have encouraged you to buy handmade, even if it is not from me. If you are interested in my candles, please check out my fragrance collections. I offer over a 140 fragrances in 18 different candles and tarts. There is something for everyone! And as always if you have any questions for me please feel free to email me at



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