DIY Partiotic Candle Decor

Where liberty dwells, there is my country.
- Benjamin Franklin
With Independence Day just a few days away, we wanted to do this week's blog post about some kind of easy DIY candle decor with a patriotic theme. So we came up with this colorful seashell vase filler to surround our Small Round Pillar Candle.
Items needed:
- A bag of small white seashells (we bought ours from a local craft store for a few dollars)
- Two cans of Krylon Short Cuts Hobby/Craft Paint, one in Red Pepper and the other in Ocean Blue
- Two cardboard boxes (not necessary, but they help contain the mess when you are painting)
- Small Round Pillar Candle
- Vase of your choice
1. Make sure that the seashells that you are using are clean. If needed you can wash them with warm water and dry they thoroughly
2. Divide the seashells into three even groups. Place one of the groups of shells with the rounded sides up in one of the cardboard boxes. Repeat with the second group of shells in the other cardboard box.
3. Shake the cans of spray paint as directed on the cans. Coat the top of the shells evenly with the red paint. Then repeat with the other box of shells with the blue paint.
4. Allow the shells to dry for 1 hour.
5. Turn the shells over and repeat the painting process to cover the underside of the shell.
6. Allow the shells to dry for at least 2 hours before removing them from the box.
7. Place your candle in the vase. And fill with the shells starting with the red, then the white, and finishing with the blue.
**Always use caution when burning any candle. Never leave a candle unattended.**

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